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How it works

How Venison is Donated

Hunters and farmers are able to donate an entire deer or a portion of their deer to the Venison Donation Coalition. Click here to Find a Processor to locate one near you. CALL AHEAD to make sure the processor is open and accepting deer. Once you have your deer properly field dressed and legally tagged, you can bring it to one of our processors near your home or where you hunt. Whole deer donations are greatly appreciated but not required. There is NO COST TO THE HUNTER/FARMER for the processing fees of donated venison.

How Venison is Distributed

The venison Donation Coalition, Inc. currently distributes venison through thirteen counties in western and central New York. The pantries pick up the venison from participating processors and distribute it in their areas to those in need. Your Deer, Your Community. You BET! To receive venison, you must contact the food pantry that serves your community. See the listing below.


To receive venison, you must contact the food pantry that serves your community. To find your nearest pantry please see the food pantry list below.

Venison Donation Coalition Packaged ground venison on a scale being weighed
Mother and two sons leave pantry with cart filled with food


Non-profit organizations that would like to participate in the distribution of ground venison to those in need should contact the Venison Donation Coalition, Inc.

Certain information is required to accompany wild game donations when given to a charitable organization. The meat package/wrapping must be clearly tagged, labeled, or marked with the following information:

  • a statement “NOT FOR SALE”
  • the type of meat (i.e. venison)
  • the license number of the hunter/deer carcass number
  • the name and address of the professional processor of the game
  • the date of processing
Western & Central New York
Pantry Project

The Venison Donation Coalition (VDC) is governed by a 7-member volunteer Board of Directors and employs a Part Time Program Aide. The Coalition is recognized by the IRS as a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, and donations to the Coalition are fully tax-deductible. Deer and Dollars both! A CPA handles all of finances including a voluntary Annual Financial Review by a second CPA. Our books are in great order with very low Admin cost to our Project.

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